The Eye-Star, Easter, and Ancient Sun Festivals

The Eye-Star, Easter, and Ancient Sun Festivals


As Easter methodologies and the job of religion is featured in the celebration the starting point of the period is situated in Babylon, the home of Islam and sun love. It appears that individuals are commonly incognizant in regards to the real world and the things around them are undetectable when pretend and a decent story denies them of their  Sun World Group    eyes and ears. What they hear turns out to be more significant and they can utilize their brain to make the pictures that can’t be found in reality.


This has been the job of religion as appeared to me by the Great Spirit of the Universe, the main God. It developed a mass of such extents that it can’t be evaded or infiltrated in any capacity. Its substance was likewise made known after a commission from that source to ‘destroy the divider and bring back the youthful.’


My rebirth is proof that paradise and hellfire don’t exist. They are, be that as it may, the establishment stones all things considered. Anybody with eyes can see that space is tremendous and its known to be c.225 million kilometers to our closest planet, Mars, when nearest to one another. So how huge is the entirety of room?


Anyway large it will be it’s of no genuine significance to us yet on the off chance that God is in all aspects of it and in charge of all things, as it without a doubt may be, at that point that is the means by which huge it is. These figures are faltering and unbelievable for us as minor humans. It demonstrates, in any case, that what men have conjured up is only whimsical ideas dependent on old wants.


Those wants and dreams were made known to me over the span of a tremendous expectation to absorb information and the numerous vision given. The name of the sun-star of Babylon is ‘Mama r-y’ or ‘mother’s amazing eye’. It was demonstrated when in a dream a gathering assembled on a slope gazed at a pieced stone held on high and pointed at the rising sun. As the beams entered the opening they burst forward into the brilliant rainbow hues rings of development that pushed the individuals to the edge of total collapse. Vital to it is the cross.


This sun-star is spoken to as the 5-point star on the banner of Islam yet it additionally hangs over the law, military, and different frameworks by which the world is run. The name ‘Mars’ is from ‘mama r-s’ and signifies ‘mother’s amazing light’. It is spoken to likewise in the ‘s-word’ or ‘light’s statement’ and hence ‘Mars’ was the goddess of war in Roman occasions.


Men willfully passed on crosses at day break at ‘equinox’ to ascend to ‘wed’ Mary. The time is from ‘equin-bull’ which signifies ‘eye-sovereign o-x’ or ‘eye-sovereign circle-cross’. This was the customary time of ‘I-star’ or the ‘eye-star’ which offered ascend to ‘Easter’. It was changed to identify with the moon when Constantine built up the Catholic Church in 325 AD. He made ‘Sun-day’ the Sabbath, and the sun’s birthday, 25th December, that of Jesus Christ, which is the picture of God he set forward.

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