You’re Stupid, Pathetic, a Sissy, a Loser! – The Art of Conversational Combat Jujitsu

(Cautioning: Reader Discretion is Advised. Solid Inappropriate Offensive Languages in this Article. Peruse at your own Risk.)

Alright, so you’re out making some great memories, meeting heaps pussy888 of young ladies, having a ton of fun, your vitality is siphoned, your state is so high, you never feel more alive…and then out of nowhere some snap comes up to you and calls you “dumb”, “washout”, “disgraceful”, and so forth.

Your heart skirts a beat, your body starts to bubble up, you ear shivers “God help us, he didn’t simply consider me that!” Your first reaction is that you are prepared to take this person out KO. … or on the other hand it is possible that you’re attempting to think about a clever speedy rebound to assault him back, thus simply stay there peacefully until it is past the point of no return.

In the event that you’ve at any point seen a battle on a night out, it would as a rule go something like this:

One individual would state “Screw you!”. The other individual would then say “Screw you motherscrewer, I’m going to mess you up!” directly back, and the other individual would state “Screw you!” once more. This interminable “Screw-You Altercation” gets extremely immature and lamentable and even comical after time.

It resembles “Screw you!” is the main sharp thing they can consider up to assault the other individual back with. That is the main thing they can say. Very non-scholarly, verbal battle Jujitsu, for sure in the event that you ask me.

I’ve been getting questions with respect to how to deal with affronts and damaging obnoxious ambushes that can happen at whatever point you go out in light of the fact that this game can be severe with regards to attempting to get a similar young lady different folks have same enthusiasm for, yet have no dread, I’ll give you some deadly strategies to deal with these circumstances.

I’ll be straightforward with you…I was tormented a great deal when I was more youthful, and I considered this for quite a while and created approaches to counterattack this into basic social structures to be utilized again and again.

What I’m going to show you truly work and are very viable against these kinds of individuals who played with you, however I alert you not to utilize them for evil.

In this manner, I’d prefer to dedicate the present exercise solely to “the Art of Conversational-Combat Jujitsu” preparing.

Put on your Jujitsu-uniform and get ready to get a moment dark belt today!

I’m going to impart to you some incredible social structures to be utilized with respect to conversational Jujitsu when someone does obnoxiously assault you.

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